Welcome to my blog where I’ll be sharing recipes (potentially among other things) I’ve tested with my amateur hands or have developed willy-nilly. I’m currently a first-year university student and have considered starting a blog since 10th grade. I’ve come to points in my life where I feel that most of my decisions in life have been the wrong ones, but I won’t truly know what decisions were right or wrong and what impact they truly had until, well, until I’m gone. Even then, my decisions could have effects long after I’m gone that are beyond my control, and that scares me. But I digress, let me just eat my feelings for now as I put off my studying. As of now, all photos will be taken with my Moto G phone as I without a doubt cannot afford a legitimate camera. (I’m sure I’m sending all of this into an empty abyss of the internet where no one will read it, but that’s okay, I’m used to solitude 🙂 ) Shall we start this journey?


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