Sugar cookies [Painted ferris wheel design]

Simple decorated sugar cookies with a painted blue sky background and iced ferris wheel.

Wahoo! I finished my summer courses a few weeks ago and got my grades back about a week ago as well. I finished with 2 A’s and 2 B+’s to my absolute surprise. In particular, I hadn’t gotten time to study for one of my courses due to work and 3 previous exams I focused on. I had literally forgotten almost everything. I stayed up studying and practicing the practice exam and with 3-4ish hours of sleep woke up groggily and depressed – completely discouraged about this final exam. Sitting in the exam room, my TA asked how I was doing which I responded with a meek smile and said “Nervous.” She smiled back supportively and said the final wasn’t too bad.IMG_20160817_131633384To my complete surprise, the final was very similar to the practice, and due to cramming last moment, I remembered everything as it was still very fresh in my mind. Overall, I got an A :DDDDD + :OOOOOO How surprising! Most people have the advice of not cramming as it does not work. However, you should always use your best judgement and know yourself well. I know my short term memory is quite good and my ability to recollect is very good. I’ll definitely not try to cram last moment again as it is stressful, frustrating, and this one situation just happened to work out. I’m happy it did work out though and hope everything works out for you guys too!! Try not to leave things to the last minute, but if you do, it isn’t the end of the world *knock on wood*IMG_20160817_131659082This isn’t one of the cleanest designs, but I did enjoy making it! I plan to try a ferris wheel design again and improve upon it a lot.IMG_20160817_120508273I started with a square sugar cookie iced with white icing as a base. Of course you could start with a darker colour already, but I thought white would be fine since I’d be painting over it anyway. Make sure the icing is completely dry before starting to paint the background.IMG_20160817_091617879In small containers (I used an ice cube tray) add a drop of what ever colours you intend to use to paint the background. I used 3 sections:
– 1 drop electric blue
– 1 drop yellow
– 1 drop ivory

Add about 1 tsp water in each section to water it down a little. A good video tutorial can be found here. Typically, vodka, a clear alcohol, a clear extract is used to paint with as it evaporates quickly. I opted for water anyway.IMG_20160817_131810992Dampen a flat edged square paint/food brush and dip into the colours and in quick broad strokes brush across the surface of the cookie. There isn’t really a pattern or technique, as you can see in the photos there is a lot of variance. I mainly started with a light brush of electric blue, went over some parts in the yellow colour, and a few parts in ivory. Let your creativity do it’s thing!

Allow to painted cookie surface to dry, ~10-15 minutes.

To make the ferris wheel:IMG_20160817_1130485811. Make the passenger cars by icing a pocket shape as pictured. You can do a round or square shape, whatever floats your boat. Use a thick piping consistency icing.
2. Using a thick piping consistency grey icing, pipe two lines on the edges of the pocket as shown.
3. Then top the two grey lines with a line of the same coloured of the passenger car (or not)
4. Connect the passenger cars with two grey lines to make an angular circle shape. Then, ice some grey lines to connect some passenger cars to the center of the circle to make spokes. From these spokes, ice two elongated triangles or “legs.”

IMG_20160817_120514104There you are! A ferris wheel that isn’t very good in design, but perhaps you can improve my design and use it as a base design 🙂

Sorry I’m not so good at this tutorial thing yet, I typically go by eye and just wing it for designs. So it’s hard to have concrete instructions.

Tools/things needed:
Cookies (I used sugar cookiessugar cookies, I suppose you could use any sturdy cookie or surface really)
Cookie icing (royal or glaze)
Various food colouring (gel preferably): enough colours for the passenger cars in desired colours, black/grey for the spokes, wheel, stand.
Clean paintbrushes with sole use for food purposes

Inspired via: a quick google image search for beautiful aesthetics
2 Pinterest Images


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