Sugar cookies [Painted sunset safari design]

Simple decorated sugar cookies with a painted sunset sky background and black foreground accents.

Here is the first installment in painting sugar cookies! First up is a safari design.

Travel hopes. I’ve always wanted to travel and experience more of the world (like many others), but money was (and is) super tight. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll be able to at least do a few things abroad. Aside from the financial restraints, I often get nervous and anxious about new experiences/places. There’s just so much potential to go wrong. Yet at the same time I have that urge to gain “worldly knowledge.” There’s simply so much most of the population has yet to discover in our world and I can only hope to know as much as I can.IMG_20160817_131555603In small containers (I used an ice cube tray) add a drop of what ever colours you intend to use to paint the background. I used 2 sections:
– 1 drop yellow
– 1 drop orange
IMG_20160817_131614318Add about 1 tsp water in each section to water it down a little. A good video tutorial can be found here. Typically, vodka, a clear alcohol, a clear extract is used to paint with as it evaporates quickly. I opted for water anyway.IMG_20160817_131816357Dampen a flat edged square paint/food brush and dip into the colours and in quick broad strokes brush across the surface of the cookie. There isn’t really a pattern or technique, as you can see in the photos there is a lot of variance. I mainly started with a light brush of orange and went over some parts in yellow.IMG_20160817_120809331Allow to painted cookie surface to dry, ~10-15 minutes. Next, add whatever you’d like really. Since were doing a safari theme, add black icing to a piping bag and cut a small hole at the tip.IMG_20160817_111910566Ice a wavy base at the bottom of the cookie. Optionally, you can use a toothpick, scribe, fork, or pointy object to pull at the edge of the icing to make it thinner and more grass-like.Safari collageLet the grass dry for about 10 minutes so the tree and animal shapes don’t meld into the grass.IMG_20160817_131619605Add a tree next, starting with the trunk, branches, and then leaves. Optionally use your pointy object to pull at the leaves a bit to “fan” it out. Add your giraffe or elephant next, I just winged it, SweetAmbs has a good video tutorial on the technique.IMG_20160817_120759125

Tools/things needed:
Cookies (I used sugar cookies, I suppose you could use any sturdy cookie or surface really)
Cookie icing (royal or glaze)
Various food colouring (gel preferably): Orange, yellow, black
Icing bags
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