Painting iced sugar cookies

Painting sugar cookies is certainly not a new technique and I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while now. It turns out it’s incredibly simple and fun! It’s pretty much the same as regular painting and water colours and would be a great activity for kids.IMG_20160817_090607322
Side note: there might be a bit of clean up depending on how much colours are used and potential messes.

You could use royal icing or a glaze icing – which is what I used. Another option is topping the cookie with fondant and painting the fondant instead.IMG_20160817_091617879Gel food colouring is preferred for more vivid colours, however liquid colouring will do and will work for light shades.IMG_20160817_101127002In terms of watering down the gel food colouring, typically a clear alcohol like vodka or clear extract (like almond or vanilla) is used. Water or lemon juice can also be used however. I opted for water which evaporated and dried fairly quickly.IMG_20160817_101142057To prep, you’ll add a smidgeon or drop of the gel colouring and add able 1/4 – 1/2 tsp of water and mix it thoroughly. Dampen your paint brush and and wipe off the excess. Dip it into the diluted food colouring, dab any excess on the side of the container if necessary, and paint away!
For liquid, you likely will not need any watering down, unless you want to then by all means go for it!IMG_20160817_101151145When painting, ensure quick strokes and do not go over spots too many times as there will be too much liquid that the icing or fondant will absorb which may cause a spongy surface as it dries (unless that’s what you want)IMG_20160817_101159362

These cookies are for some decorating projects I decided to tackle on all at once. The colours can make it fairly (sorta?) obvious of what designs I plan to do, but I’ll keep it at that. I intend to use more icing on top of the painted base, but I also plan to do another post of a “fuller” painting tutorial in the near-future.

Tools needed:
Food colouring, gel or liquid
Liquid to water down gel colouring (if using), such as vodka, lemon juice, vanilla extract, water
Paint brushes with sole intention for food or never used before: flat square edge for large strokes, a finer pointy one for details obviously
Tray for coloursSugar cookies that have been iced with glaze, royal icing, and dried, or fitted with fondant.

More info/examples:
Amber from SweetAmbs beautiful video tutorials
On the liquids that can be used for painting

Naomi’s painted flower cookies from Bakers Royale
Jacquelyn’s lovely water color cookies from JacquelynClark


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