Sugar cookie glaze icing

Versatile simple glaze icing perfect for decorating cookies, cakes, breads, buns, etc

Continuing. Another re-posting of my first post with the focus being on the sugar cookie icing this time. Technically this is just a basic glaze icing which you could use for any purpose.Skip below for the full recipe.IMG_20160816_160035934You’ll start with sifting powdered sugar and salt into a bowl. Add the corn syrup, milk, vanilla, and stir to combine. There was only soy milk on hand at the time, so that’s what I used.
IMG_20160816_152243980Add more milk as needed until it reaches the desired consistency.
For flood icing gradually stir in enough milk until it is about the same as the corn syrup or honey. A good test for flood icing consistency is to scoop some up and drizzle it back into the icing, counting one-thousand, two-thousand, and three-thousand.
The drizzled icing should be smoothed out back into the rest of the icing by the time you finish saying three-thousand.
For use right away, pour/scoop into a piping bag or plastic sandwich/ziploc bag. For me that is a piping bag in a Frozen cup my little sister gave me.

IMG_20160816_153244139Tie the top into a knot or with an elastic and cut off the tip to start piping.

Here is a simple tutorial on flooding!
Firmly and steadily press out the icing, allowing it to flow out smoothly. The tip should be hovering above the cookie by about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch, as the icing flows out trail it to where you want to icing to be. A better tutorial can be found here!cookie collageOutline the base of your cookie or whatever shape you would like. Typically, many use a outlining consistency icing, which is just a little thicker then flood, which I started out with, but now I just use an all-purpose semi-thick flood icing.IMG_20160816_155001154IMG_20160816_154936670Then, either let your outline dry or if you want it seamless fill it immediately or soon after (within a minute.) Drizzle in the icing to fill the base about 80-90%. Use a toothpick, or scribe tool, to even distribute and spread out the icing, popping any air bubbles too.
IMG_20160816_160117144And there you have it! These cookies are to be used for a project which I think I’ll be posting soon.

Sugar Cookie Glaze Icing
Yield: ~ 1/2 cup icing (enough for about 2 dozen medium cookies depending on design)

1 cup powdered sugar
~1/2 tbsp milk
~1/2 tbsp corn syrup
~1/2 tsp vanilla (or almond, whatever you’d like)
Small pinch of salt (~1/4 tsp)
Optional: any food colourings or flavours

In a bowl, sift in the powdered sugar and salt. Stir in the milk, corn syrup, and vanilla. Adjust consistency until it reaches what you’d like, adding more milk to thin and adding more powdered sugar to thicken.

Add as much milk as you need to thin it out. Add more powdered sugar to thicken. If you are using food colouring that is liquid based not gel or powdered, add a little more powdered sugar or less milk to make it thicker than intended as the liquid food colouring will thin it out a bit.

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