Lemon white chocolate chunk cookies with toasted coconut

Crisp edges with soft and chewy centers deeply flavoured from toasted coconut, lightly accented with lemon plus gooey white chocolate chunks.

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print (“This stupid human may have hope after all 🙂 “) Continue reading


Vanilla chai tea cake

Soft and moist vanilla chai cakelets covered in a sweet chai glaze. Sprinkles optional 🙂

We had a ‘tea party.’ Summer 2015, we planned to have a fancy tea party. M made sugar cookies (which she has yet to give me the recipe for -.- ) and cucumber sandwiches, B made chilled blueberry tea and I think another type of tea that I can’t recall, S brought freshly picked blueberries as she went blueberry picking with her family earlier that day, I made these cake squares, and T brought her beautiful face. Continue reading