Sugar cookies [Painted ferris wheel design]

Simple decorated sugar cookies with a painted blue sky background and iced ferris wheel.

Wahoo! I finished my summer courses a few weeks ago and got my grades back about a week ago as well. I finished with 2 A’s and 2 B+’s to my absolute surprise. In particular, I hadn’t gotten time to study for one of my courses due to work and 3 previous exams I focused on. I had literally forgotten almost everything. I stayed up studying and practicing the practice exam and with 3-4ish hours of sleep woke up groggily and depressed – completely discouraged about this final exam. Sitting in the exam room, my TA asked how I was doing which I responded with a meek smile and said “Nervous.” She smiled back supportively and said the final wasn’t too bad. Continue reading


Sugar cookies [Painted sunset safari design]

Simple decorated sugar cookies with a painted sunset sky background and black foreground accents.

Here is the first installment in painting sugar cookies! First up is a safari design.

Travel hopes. I’ve always wanted to travel and experience more of the world (like many others), but money was (and is) super tight. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll be able to at least do a few things abroad. Aside from the financial restraints, I often get nervous and anxious about new experiences/places. There’s just so much potential to go wrong. Yet at the same time I have that urge to gain “worldly knowledge.” There’s simply so much most of the population has yet to discover in our world and I can only hope to know as much as I can. Continue reading

Painting iced sugar cookies

Painting sugar cookies is certainly not a new technique and I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while now. It turns out it’s incredibly simple and fun! It’s pretty much the same as regular painting and water colours and would be a great activity for kids.IMG_20160817_090607322
Side note: there might be a bit of clean up depending on how much colours are used and potential messes. Continue reading

Classic rolled cut-out sugar cookies

Sweet buttery soft sugar cookies and great for decorating

Exhale. It’s been a stressful exam period, but I finally got through all of them! I can only hope that I did well now. It’s nice to just take a moment to breath and relax. Though I’m contemplating all of my courses for the upcoming Fall semester now and all the future courses potentially to take. Along with that, I’m reconsidering my major and potential certificates or minors to tackle on as well. However, in these next little bit of time, I’ll be relaxing *knock on wood* and baking 🙂

So sugar cookies again. Look at that. I’m already re-posting old material hah! This is just an extension of my first post about sugar cookies.
This time around I took pictures of the process and the focus is on the cookie itself. Continue reading


Creamy chocolatey melt in your mouth truffles. I overcooked mine so it turned closer to dulce de leche or a milk caramel but it was delicious.
IMG_20150723_133618I’ve neglected this blog for a while now and I’m not sure if I’ll commit or not still. I do enjoy baking, cooking, and sharing but a blog platform may not be for me. That being said, I’d still like to post whatever drafts I’ve been working on and off. Continue reading